Baby Don't Stop Now is a song from Anja, it is an PS3 exclusive and a DLC on Just Dance 2015 for PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Wii U, and Xbox One and Just Dance 3 for Wii. It appears on Just Dance Greatest Hits/Best Of for the Wii and Xbox 360. It appears on Just Dance Summer Party 2015 for all consoles.


The dancer is wearing a tight yellow suit with a diagonal pink line going right on the front. During the song, she becomes a static figure dancing.


The background has a checkered ceiling and floor with doors on the right and left side on the walls. The background is black at certain times.



File:Just Dance Greatest Hits - Baby Don't Stop Now - 5* Stars
File:Anja - Baby Don't Stop Now (lyrics)
File:Just Dance 3 - Baby don't Stop Now Wii Footage UK
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