Brand New Start is a song Anja.

Appearence of dancerEdit

  • Brandnewstart
    Light brown explorer hat
  • Brown hair
  • Red Shirt
  • Yellow Pants
  • Brown Boots
  • Orange Glove
  • Brown Belt

Appearence of routineEdit

It takes place in some jungle with a temple in the back part of the background. Also, there is a river in the background, before it starts, there are some tree leaves too.

Gold movesEdit

Pretty much the same:

All: The right arm hits and spikes up in the sky to obtain it.

How to get itEdit

Basically, the codes have expired, but if you could not get it before 12/31/12, there is a code where ever you can find it.


  • They were both in the game's credits and became unavailable on December 30.
  • This is the 2nd cheetos just dance promotion, 1st was greatest hits, 3rd was just dance 2014.
  • Originally, this was going to be a PAL DLC, but never made any plans.
  • You make me feel was the 2nd song to be hidden, but it was in the crunchy cheetos bags.
  • Due to large amounts of people unaware of this being a song, this routine is rarely seen on YouTube.
  • This song still be a Popular Songs, 3 Anja Songs are unpopular.
  • Waking Up In Vegas and Brand New Start were both released as a promotion and were both unreleased.
  • ​This is the 4th Anja song ever released. It's also the 4th ANJA song featured on Just Dance. The others are Dance All Night, Baby Don't Stop Now and Crazy Little Thing.
  • The dancer can be seen on the final countdown dance mash up.
  • This song is pitched in Just Dance 2015 due to copyright infringement.