"Diamonds" by Rihanna is featured on Just Dance 2015.

Appearance of the dancerEdit

Classic Edit

File:Diamonds coach 1.png

The dancer is a woman with short purple hair, a long sleeve turtleneck, a gold cage girdle belt that resembles a diamond, pink tights with large holes, and black stiletto ankle boots. At some points she changes black with most of her outfit changing to white and grey.

Seated Dance Edit

Both dancers are hardly detailed, with only their silhouettes present. P1 is a woman and P2 is a man, both with short hair. P1 appears to be wearing a short sleeve shirt, and P2 appears to be wearing a tank top. At some points, brightly lighted yellow arrows can be seen moving on their shadows. They resemble the Rich Girl Chair dancer in that neither of them have many visible features and the way they are black all over.


Classic Edit

The background is black with white rising glitter resembling the titular diamonds. At some points a rainbow circular light and a shining white light in the distance shine about. The light is likely to have been caused by the diamonds' reflections of light. At some point during the chorus the background zooms out with the dancer, revealing more diamond covered floor and as the dancer zooms back in strings of diamonds appear in the background.

Seated Dance Edit

The background is completely white with the exception of the two bright blocks - one orange and the other red - used as seats. A spotlight illuminates the walls and dancers at some points of the dance.

Gold Moves Edit

Classic Edit

The Classic routine has 3 Gold Moves:

Gold Move 1: Make an arm circle going upward while lifting your left leg.
Gold Move 2: Reach your right arm to the northeast.
Gold Move 3: Make a circle the reversed way and make a diamond. It's the last move.

Seated Dance Edit

The Seated Dance has 3 Gold Moves, all of which are the same:

All: Bring your hands down in opposite directions: P1 to the left and P2 to the right.

Mashup Edit

Diamonds has a mashup month exclusive

The theme is Crazy Men that includes male dancers.

Dancers (No Repeations)

Captions Edit

Diamonds appears in Party Master Modes. Here are the captions attributed to her dance moves:

  • Bright Circles


  • This song, along with several other songs on the same game, zooms outward.
  • The dancer majorly resembles Wild, Price Tag and Want U Back.
  • The shape of her outfit is very similar to Electric Boy and Just Dance.
  • This is the second song to have an alternative involving a chair, the first being Rich Girl.
  • Pitbull's part was taken out, because It is too explicit.
  • This was the fourth alternative mode to be revealed for Just Dance 2015 after I Love It's Guard Dance, Happy's Sing Along and The Fox's Campfire Dance.
    • However, it is only the second alternative to actually have had its gameplay revealed.
  • In the seated dance, the female dancer is Céline Rotsen, a choreographer of many dances in Just Dance.
  • In the classic choreography the dancer is Aurélie Sériné. This was officially proven on
  • The seated dance is the closest that the dancer(s) has/have ever been to the screen without the zoom effect being used.
  • This song has a diamond as representative icon. This can be unlocked by playing the Seated Dance.
  • P2 of the Seated Dance looks like P1 from 99 Luftballons.
  • The background might've be inspired by the presentation that Rihanna had on The X Factor to resemble the columns of diamonds coming from the floor.
  • "Moonshine" is not censored even though it is an alcoholic drink.
  • On, there is a video of the community remix with the routine that is mildly different than it should. In it, it has the lyrics for She Wolf (Falling To Pieces), it has a pictogram from Good Feeling, and the player names have the same font as they did in Just Dance 2014.



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