Dynamite is a song from Just Dance 3 and is by Taio Cruz.


The coaches appear to have 30's clothing.

Boy #1:

  • A blue hat with a yellow line
  • A blue suit with red suspenders
  • A cyan shirt with a red tie
  • Purple and cyan sneakers
Girl #2:
  • Short dark purple hair with a red brooch on it
  • Red chinese dress with golden desings on it
  • A dark purple bracelet on her left hand
  • Red pumps

Girl #3:

  • Purple hair with a cyan brooch on it
  • A cyan dress with cherry red and blue desings
  • A blue feather boa
  • Cyan pumps

Boy #4:

  • A yellow hat
  • A yellow shirt with light purple lines
  • A light purple vest with cyan buttons
  • Light purple pants
  • Cherry red bow tie and shoes


The dance takes place in a dinner theater, with lights from the stage and light pilars.


This song has a mash-up that can be unlocked depending on your Mojo.



  • This is one of the most popular songs on the game.
  • "F**k" is censored.
    • In a offical video F**k might be censored.
  • The background looks like the same as Mugsy Baloney