Forget You is a song on Just Dance 3.  It has not appeared as a DLC in Just Dance 4 and is unknown if it will be available on Just Dance Summer Party 2015 and Just Dance 2015 as a DLC.


The man wears a neon red suit, with black pants.  He also has red shoes.  He has a bowtie.  When Cee Lo Green says "Now baby, baby..." the dancer turns a staticy color and higly resembles a disconnected TV.  He stays like this until he gets down on his knees a few seconds later.


The background is a TV set, and there is a small stage in back of the dancer.  At one part of the song, many female dancers appeear back there.  The rest remains the same throughout the song.


  • The original song is called "F**k You," this is the clean version.
  • The word "a*s" is censored, but not very well, it can still be heard with a warp effect.
  • Various static-like background dancers appear at one part.
  • The dancer has made various appearances in dance mashups.
  • At the beginning of the choreography, when the TV is in a monochrome shade, the X's, OK's, GOOD's,  PERFECT's, and YEAH's are in that shade too.
    • However, on the XBOX's it's not
  • The song is marked as medium and average, but it's difficult to get five stars on.
  • The mashup has the starting dancer For The Proof click here'