Get Lucky is a song by Daft Punk that will be on Just Dance 2014. It is the second Daft Punk song to be in the series, the first was Da Funk in Just Dance 3 and the first Pharrell Williams song in the series, the Second is Blurred Lines with Robin Thicke in it which is also in Just Dance 2014.


Lots of triangles come forward and there are also stars. On the floor come some shining lights.


Left coach:

  • A gold zip up suit
  • Braided hair

Right coach:

  • A silver tuxedo suit
  • His hair is up and fluffy

Gold MovesEdit

All of them: Slowly raise your right arm. The silver guy does it during the line "To give up who we are" and the gold guy does it during the line "And our cups to the stars.


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  • This song is very controversial on this game. This also happens to Blurred Lines.
  • Some people thought that this would get a battle against Blurred Lines. It's possible that the battle could be a DLC.
  • As of 1st February 2014 this is the most played song on Just Dance 2014, it being played over 5 million times.
  • In the above video, at the minute 2:25, the pictogram is incorrect. The colors are reversed.
  • At the beginning of the choreo. the pictograms are dark with gold border for the left coach and blue border for the right coach.