Happy is a song by Pharrell Williams on Just Dance 2015.

Dancer Edit

The dancer wears a magenta hat, sunglasses, a yellow pullover sweater with a smiley face on it, a magenta shirt under it, blue pants and pink shoes.

Appearance of background dancers Edit

The two males that appear in the background towards the start of the song are wearing boxes on their heads. They are blue and highly detailed. They are wearing jackets.

There are also two girls wearing pink jackets and have pineapples on their shirts. One of the girls hair is poofy and resembles the Ghostbusters sweat version. The other one look similar to American Girl, in style of hair.

The panda makes a reappearance, however he look different this time. He is wearing a red/yellow headband, a radio around his neck, and red sneakers.

Background Edit

The background consists of real life shots (akin to Gentleman) with some animated effects. The real life shots are mostly underneath a concrete bridge, a residential area and a pool. There are some backup dancers dancing with him, consisting of men with TV's on their heads and leopard outfits, women with pink gangster outfits, a panda with a boombox necklace, and a disco ball headed man with a pink suit.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the second song with real life backgrounds, first being Gentleman.
  • The background was released as the teaser trailer in the video "#June9 - Just Dance".
  • The song was used for the trailer.
  • This is the first song confirmed for the Just Dance 2015.
  • This is one of the songs to have multiple dancers in the background not copying the main dancer.
  • The song was featured in the 2013 film Despicable Me 2.
  • The songs features zooms and 3D views of the dancer.
  • The dancer is meant to look like Pharrell Williams (or maybe a "twin"). Also, a similar (or maybe the same) dancer is in Blurred Lines, which is a song that's also partially made by Pharrell.
  • This song is currently the only announced song to have a 'Community Remix' mode.
  • The disco ball head man appears in the background.
  • The disco ball dancer's outfit is the same as the outfit of the left dancer from Get Lucky, the only difference is that the disco ball dancer's outfit is pink instead of gold.
  • This is the only Pharrel song that mainly has him as the artist, it's also his first solo song.