Heavy cross is a song by gossip which is a DLC for Just Dance 4.


At the beginning, the coach is dancing in a pitch black scenery and according to the music, lights will be appearing. Then, some kind of windows emerge from the floor and when the chorus is sung, these windows break and turn into yellow and the scenery turns into a floating platform. At some points of the choreography, blue lightnings hit the floor.



  • Blue hair with the left side shaven and tied up to the right.
  • A complete black leather oufit with some silver parts, like the shoulder pads.
  • Black leather pumps.
  • At the chorus, the hair turns red.
  • At the chorus, the silver parts of the outfit turn golden.


There are 3 goldmoves and they are all the same. Put your right fist to the right like the pictures shows.


  • The coach looks like the one of Miss Understood and Rock n Roll.
  • The outfit may be the same the coach of We R Who We R wears.
  • In the first chorus, the lyrics, "It's up to me and you to prove it" is one line. In the second chorus, it appears in two lines.