Hot For Me is a song by A.K.A on Just Dance 4 .


A football stadium with cheerleading backup dancers. She appears to be a cheerleader as well, breaking the rules.


A female football player with brown hair to the side. She wears saggy blue padded football player pants and a matching training bra. She also wears yellow and pink shoulder pads and sneakers, and a yellow glove.

Gold MovesEdit

Song has 3 Gold Moves:
Gold Move 1, 2 & 3: Just put your hands up in the air.


  • The words are "S**t" and "F**k" are censored.
    • A few things were censored, and were censored from the start of the song. The lines were "Pop pop pop ..." and "Show you how to ... right". However, most websites say the lines are "Pop pop pop s**t"
  • Some people said that the dancer looks like Cher Lloyd, and that the outfit looks like something she would wear.
  • The dancer might be the same one as in Hit The Lights, because they look very similar.
  • This is one of the unpopular songs in the game, alongside Make The Party (Don't Stop), Crazy Little Thing and Some Catchin' Up To Do, but there are so good songs.
  • This song is one of the few songs in the game without a mashup.