"I Love It" is song on the upcoming Just Dance 2015. It is sung by Icona Pop ft. Charli XCX. This page will be modified as more information becomes available.


The dancer is a girl with black hair tightly tied up to the sides, black sunglasses, a blue loose crop top with a yellow Illuminati eye on it, purple fluffy shorts, pink thigh high sock being connected to the shorts by lime green garters, and black patent creepers.


The background has many 3D neon lights. There's the title name written in neon lights and the 3D lights and blocks moving around together.



  • The official clean version is used, where "s**t" is replaced with "stuff" and "b***h" is replaced with "chick." D**n is censored.
    • In another interview, where only the beginning of the song is shown, s**t is only faintly censored. This may be changed later on.
  • This is one of the songs where the angle of the dancer changes, and the camera zooms in.
  • Of all of the songs that highlighted the Just Dance Games, this song is the shortest, being the only one not to reach the 3 minute mark.
  • People believe this is illuminati due to the eye on the shirt, the mouths, and the triangles in the background.


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