The Category Guide consists of the guidelines for adding and removing categories. The following text are rules and must be obeyed. Make sure you are using only the categories under the 'Acceptable' and that you are adding them to the correct pages. If you have any questions or would like to nominate a new category, make sure you ask one of the admins.

General Guidelines

  • The only users permitted to add categories to blogs are admins, other users shall not add any categories to their blog posts.
  • No categories are permitted to be added to user pages.
  • You must contact an administrator to obtain permission before creating a new category.

Song Pages


  • Songs
  • Songs in Just Dance (game), Songs in Just Dance 2, Songs in Just Dance 3 etc.
  • Songs with censored words
  • Solo Males, Female and Male Duets, etc.
  • 90's, 60's, etc.


  • 2000-2100
  • Songs released in 2001, Songs released in 2013 etc.
  • French Songs, English Songs, Russian Songs etc.
  • Lady Gaga songs, Katy Perry songs, etc.
  • Medium songs in Just Dance 2014, Easy songs in Just Dance 4, etc.
  • Halloween Songs
  • Serious Dances
  • Spoken elements
  • Popular Songs
  • Casual
  • Categories with periods
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