Let's Go To The Mall by Robin Sparkles was on Just Dance 3. The song is by Robin in How I Met Your Mother. It is from the episode when Robin was in high school in Canada.


The dancer is very detailed. She wears a yellow hat over her dark pink hair. She also wears a blue necklace with a gold coin on it.

Mash-Ups where dancer appears inEdit

  • Dynamite(JD3)
  • What Makes You Beautiful (JD4)
  • I Kissed a Girl(JD2014)
  • Could You Be Loved(JD2014)
  • Ghostbusters(JD2014)
  • Maps (Best of JD 3) (JD2015)
  • All I Ever Wanted(JD:CR)
  • Come with Me Now (JD:CR PS3)
  • Fly in the Freedom (JD:CR BBE)


  • The song is from How I Met Your Mother.
  • The song was very requested.
  • The bags in the background have the Canadian Leaf on them, because the character, Robin Sparkles in the program, is Canadian.
  • People wouldn't have thought this song would be on the game, especially with the name Robin Sparkles.