Maneater is a song by a Canadian singer Nelly Furtado and it is one of the songs on Just Dance 4


The background is the outside of a dark club that is red and it has a sign which reads "Maneater." During the blue background, there are dancing shadows.



  • Black hair and red face makeup
  • A red sleeveless shirt with red patent sides and a back cape
  • Red patent leather jeans
  • Red heels.
  • Her outfit and background turn blue at few points, the shoes turn purple.

Gold movesEdit

Arms move outward. The first move is closer down and is faster than the second.


The song has a mashup that is only available for PlayStations and Wii Us.

Order of used dancers


  • The dancer looks like Amy Lee.
  • The avatar's face is the most visible out of any avatar in the game series.
  • Nympho is censored, being too explicit.
    • When Nelly saids in the lyrics "Move your body arround like a nympho".
      • However "Nympho" is a female executive sexual desire
  • In the mashup, when changing from dancer to dancer, it doesn't use the fading effect. Also, all the mashed up avatars are boys, except for the original dancer who appears in the start and in the last.
  • This being the first song where only males or 1 female appear, 2nd was Troublemaker, 3rd was YMCA.
  • This dance has a lot of pictograms. Most dances stop making constant pictograms after repeating moves, but this doesn't.
  • In the beta clip from the Just Dance YouTube accounts, when everything turns blue, the pictograms are still red (this one also happened in the Moves Like Jagger Mash-Up).
  • The routine design looks like the music video for the song.
  • When the dancer swings her arms in the first part of the chorus there is a smoke effect. This however doesn't look like she is making the smoke with her hands.
  • This is the second song by Nelly Furtado, First it was Promiscuous on Just Dance 3, and Third it was All Good Things, Fourth was Say It Right from Just Dance College Ruled.