If You Are On This Wiki, Please Read The Rules To Start Your Journey. If You Don't, You Get Grounded and The Punishment.

Last Block

MartinOlivares 's got blocked because he was spamming and harassing.


  • You have to be 10 years old or older to have an account here, if you aren't, you will be blocked until your 10th birthday.

Disabled Users/Making Them Stop

  • If you disabled users, you get a infinite Ban
  • If you making users to stop, you get a infinite Ban


  • If you curse multiple times at other users, you get a 2 week ban.
  • If you curse more after that you get an 5 month ban.
    • After that, You are banned for 5 years.

Harassment to Other Users

    • If you keep harassing users, you get a 3-6 month ban.
      • If you harass an admin or A Wikia Contributor, than you get 2 year ban.
      • If you keep doing it, you get an infinite Ban.

Sexual Or Pornography

    • If you post pornography as a profile pic or picture, you get an infinite ban.

Inappropriate Names

    • If you create an account with a inappropriate name, you get an infinite ban.

Removing Pictures/Video

    • If you delete a picture and video, you get a 10 year ban.
      • If you keep delete again, you get a infinite ban.

Multiple Accounts

    • If you create an account after you have gotten blocked, both accounts get a 5 year ban.

Inappropriate Comments

    • If you talk inapropriate (Sexual, Racist, Swearing), you get a 2 year ban.


    • If you are posting multiple blog posts that don't make sense, you get a 1 day ban (This is a short ban).


    • If you imitate a user, you get an infinite ban.


    • If you are spamming the chat you get a kick.
    • If you are spamming edits, you will get a 2 month ban.


    • If You Steal Other People's Work, You Get An Infinite Ban For The Thiefs That Stole their Work.
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