Tennis Court is a song by Lorde in Just Dance 2015.


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This dancer looks like Juanita from Timothy Goes to School


  • Tennis Court (JD:CR)
  • You Make Me Feel... (JD4)
  • Funplex (JD)
  • The Way Life Used To Be (JD:CR)
  • Futebol Crazy (JD2)
  • Royals (JD:CR)
  • Firework (JD2)
  • Down By the Riverside (JD2)
  • Marilyn Monroe (Extreme) (JD:CR)
  • Think (JD3)
  • Disturbia (JD4)
  • Hey Boy Hey Girl (JD3)
  • Baby Don't Stop Now (JD3)
  • ??? (JD:CR)
  • Tennis Court (JD:CR)
  • Dun N Dusted (JD3)
  • She Wolf (Falling of Pieces) (JD2014)
  • Starships (JD2014)
  • Tennis Court (JD:CR)

Trivia Edit

  • "F**k" is censored, being too explicit.
  • "Strippers" is replaced with "Trippers"
    • "Striping" had be Censored in Royals
  • In the Show, She appeared in the Last Episode.E