Hello! I'm TheUltraGamer. If you have any concerns, don't be afraid to ask me, I'm an admin :-) I spend most of my time on the customizing. 

About Me



Favorite Color

Deep Sky Ble

Favorite Food

Fried Tofu

Favorite Cartoon Show

Invader Zim

Favorite Movie

Big Hero 6

Favorite Song

Here's 2 Us- Victoria Justice

Favorite Video Game

Just Dance

Favorite Virtual Game




Below is more info, bye!

Friends (ON THIS WIKI)

Jackboog21- A nice mashup maker and friend.

Mort607- If it wasn't for him, most of us would be blocked!

CjMancao- A nice person to hang around with :D

PewDieFern- A good friend and an extremely funny person!

GivingDances123- A nice person with a great Youtube channel.

Icekingfan- A good fanmade maker

Jamesnorky- A nice person and a great mashup maker

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